Commentary on Revelation


Formatting Instructions

Page Title

Page title is 'Title' without any other formatting.


Headings is 'Headings' without any other formatting. (Note -- It is not bold.)


Sub-headings is 'Normal' being enlarged once, and made bold.

Page text

Page text is 'Normal' being enlarged once.

Put a 'double space' between sentences.

Indented Bible verses

(Indent 'before' enlarging the text.)

Reference in bold

To indent Bible verses -- place cursor after each paragraph in turn, and indent 'two' places to the right.

Indented text is 'Normal' being enlarged once.

Put a 'double space' between sentences. 

Place a blank line below the Bible verse to make an appropriate space.


Formatting the Index (Home and Commentary Pages)

Spacer Box

Place 'spacer box' at top of each section.

Include one 'full stop' in box. Colour appropiately.

Section Title

'Subtitle' -- Bold -- enlarge by 4.

On dark background, select 'colour grey' for the text (3rd from top right).

Background Colour

Partially completed page

When a page is only partially completed -- use the following text to identify how much is finished.

[This article is completed to the end of Page 13 in the Notes.]